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Addiction Counseling

Fair Oaks and Greater Sacramento
Because Healing Isn’t a Journey You Need to Make Alone

At the heart of our counseling center, we understand the far-reaching impact addiction has not only on individuals but on families and communities. We offer individualized, comprehensive, and compassionate care for those struggling with various forms of addiction.

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What is Addiction?

Addiction isn't just a lack of willpower or a result of poor choices. It's a complex brain disease where one feels compelled to consume a substance or engage in an activity despite experiencing its harmful consequences. Neurobiologically, it involves changes in brain circuits related to motivation, reward, memory, and self-control. The key areas include the dopamine pathway, where increased dopamine release contributes to the pleasurable feelings associated with substances or behaviors. Over time, these changes lead to tolerance, withdrawal, and a heightened craving for the addictive substance or behavior, making it difficult to quit. These changes can also lead to the rewiring of the pleasure and impulse circuits making it difficult to resist seeking out instant gratification. When addiction takes hold, it disrupts everyday life, affecting mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Recognizing Addiction in Yourself or a Loved One

Wondering if someone you know or love, or even possibly you, are battling addiction? Understanding the symptomology can be the first step to seeking help:

  • Physical Changes: Changes in appetite, weight, sleep patterns, or deteriorating physical appearance. 

  • Behavioral Changes: Neglecting responsibilities, withdrawing from activities, secrecy, or sudden changes in habits.

  • Psychological Changes: Mood swings, increased paranoia, irritability, or feelings of desolation.

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Types of Addictions We Treat

Our Fair Oaks-based therapy center offers specialized care for various addictions, ensuring that everyone finds the help they need.

Substance Addiction

From nicotine in vaping devices to opioids, our experts can address a range of substance addictions, including:

  • Alcohol Addiction: Our approach to alcohol addiction focuses on understanding the root causes and offering strategies to manage cravings and triggers. We provide support through detoxification, counseling sessions, and long-term relapse prevention strategies.

  • Cannabis Dependency (Weed): We recognize the challenges faced by individuals struggling with cannabis use. Our counseling includes cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing to help clients understand their usage patterns and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

  • Vaping Nicotine: The rise in vaping, especially among younger individuals, poses unique challenges. Our counselors are equipped with the latest techniques to help clients overcome nicotine addiction and transition to a nicotine-free lifestyle.

  • Opioid Abuse: With the opioid crisis at an all-time high, our clinic offers specialized programs for opioid addiction, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT), counseling, and support groups to aid in recovery and prevent relapse.

  • Prescription Medication Misuse: We address the complexities of prescription drug addiction, focusing on both the psychological and physical aspects of dependency. Our treatment plans are designed to manage withdrawal symptoms safely and effectively.

  • Stimulant Addiction: Stimulants, whether prescription or illicit, can be highly addictive. Our team provides comprehensive care that includes behavioral therapy, support groups, and relapse prevention education.

  • Additional Substance Addictions: Understanding that addiction is not one-size-fits-all, we also offer services for other substance dependencies, ensuring a holistic and inclusive approach to addiction therapy.

Process Addiction

Process addictions, although not linked to substance use, can be equally debilitating. Examples include gambling, overeating, internet addiction, sex or pornography addiction, social media addiction, workaholism, codependency, and more.

Process addictions, also known as behavioral addictions, involve compulsive behaviors that provide a sense of pleasure or relief but can become detrimental when they interfere with daily life, relationships, and responsibilities. These addictions don't involve substances like drugs or alcohol but instead revolve around certain activities or processes. 

Our Treatment Approach

Here's how we ensure comprehensive care:

  • Identifying the Issue & Setting Goals: We begin by understanding the depth and nature of the addiction. 

  • Stabilization: For those in acute distress, our first step is to stabilize.

  • Referrals & Networking: If a higher level of care is required, we tap into our vast network in California and nationwide, including residential, IOP, wilderness programs, sober living and transitional homes with diverse specialties from substance abuse to eating disorders to metal health disorders. 

  • Digging Deep: Beyond just treating the addiction, we delve into the root causes and peel back the layers beneath addiction through collaborative exploration and psychoeducation. 

  • Creating Relapse Prevention Plans: Our therapists guide individuals in developing an individualized plan to recognize and avoid triggers.

  • Building Support Systems: Wrapping treatment around the whole family, equipping and empowering everyone involved through psychoeducation, coaching, and family sessions, if needed, and through referrals to other specialist and support groups like AA, Al-Anon, NA, Refuge Recovery, Dharma Recovery, and more, we ensure a wrap-around holistic recovery.

  • Probation & EAP Collaboration: We are experienced in working with probation, EAP, and can provide necessary assessments and documents for those mandated by courts or employers.

Abstinence and Recovery Monitoring

With over nine years of experience in this domain, we offer Drug and Alcohol screening and monitoring services. This includes:

  • Supervised 12 panel, 5 panel, THC specific, and ETG (alcohol) urine tests at our Fair Oaks office. 

  • Collaborations with tools like Soberlink for alcohol monitoring.

  • Comprehensive logging of all results with progress reports as required.

Why Choose Outpatient One-on-One Treatment?

While residential or intensive outpatient treatments have their place, one-on-one outpatient treatment offers:

  • Personalized Care: Tailored strategies to address your unique challenges. 

  • Flexibility: Manage recovery without uprooting your life.

  • Confidentiality: Ensures privacy in your healing journey.

  • Community Connections: Stay connected to your Fair Oaks/ Sacramento community support system.

Embarking on Your Treatment Journey

Ever wonder how to find an 'addiction counseling near me' If you or a loved one in Fair Oaks or the greater Sacramento area is ready to reclaim life from addiction, our doors are open. Reach out to start your healing journey with experts who genuinely care. Remember, the path to recovery never has to be walked alone, and with our comprehensive, localized approach, you'll always have support, every step of the way.

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